“A TEA SPA? What’s that about?”

Green Leaf & Pebble Tea Spa ​blends natural and organic age-defying products, and body rejuvenation techniques with proven modern and ancient methodologies that relieve stress and anxiety, increase energy, and enhance the overall beauty of body, mind, and spirit.

We offer a variety of private, customized skincare treatments including facials and peels, infusions, microdermabrasion, waxing, and more. Professional massage therapy of many modalities are available.

The infusion of natural and organic exotic oils, herbs, and teas in our products add to your health, well-being, tranquility, and to the luxurious eco-friendly spa experience you will enjoy.


Cozy up to your favorite cup of tea in our lobby. Whether you are waiting for your spa session or just here to escape from the real world, your experience here at Green Leaf will be a memorable and unique experience.

We have bistro window seating and a comfy couch for your comfortable visit with us while your mind escapes with tranquil music and our water wall’s soothing ambiance.


At the end of your service at a “normal” spa, you receive a cup of water. While water is essential to flush the toxicity out of your body, a cup of tea can improve your well-being even more! We have over 90 varieties of Certified Organic, loose leaf tea, and you get to choose which one you want to take with you. Perhaps you’ll choose one to help combat your allergies, a cold, fatigue, something to help you relax, or perhaps you have a flavor that is your absolute favorite? We can help you find your “inner tea.”

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